October 12th, 2020

“My 8 year old twins received two Miller Models during lockdown and it was one of their best days of play ! I was delighted with how much play time they created. First the “making”. A very exciting focused process of finding the right piece and following the instructions, like a 3D jigsaw !. Both my children were fully absorbed and excited about creating a toy ! As soon as the two boats existed play began. The size and scale worked well with all their little toy characters. Lots of play and adventure followed. My 2 chose not to glue straight away as the models hold together anyway, and they enjoyed removing and adding back elements, towers, stairs etc during the game.

The models are great quality and I love that they are made from sustainable wood (with most toys made from plastic a really nice opportunity to give something fun and special, creative and sustainable to our children).
My children have never been interested in playing with toy cars so it was interesting for me to see how boats felt so different and seemed to open up much more play. I think partly as the models are big enough for small toy characters to get inside and boats seem to open a more fluid fantasy play world than cars. With characters falling off into rivers & seas and others diving in to rescue them :). I think Miller Toys and Models are a top quality, local, sustainable, creative toy and wholehearted recommend them. If you you are wondering if to buy one, go for it 🙂

Leah de Courcy Grylls
Ross on Wye”