Dredger (230 x 80 mm, 9“ x 4″) 42 press-out piece kit



Dredgers large and small are at work across the world, keeping waterways and shipping lanes open, removing debris and, increasingly, plastic waste.  This little dredger has 42 press-out parts laser-cut from superior 3mm birch plywood, a highly sustainable, safe material.  Plywood has been around for thousands of years and has many, many uses in industry and in the home.

Dredgers must have a means of lifting material from the water, this one has a bucket with a winch and a winch arm or jib to lift the bucket.  The whole mechanism rotates to allow the bucket to dump is contents.  The model has a wheelhouse and a door at the rear of the hull for easy play access.

This kit is a little more complex and so perhaps more suited to children a little older, but still the same ease of assembly with visual instructions,  pva glue and cord supplied.