Paddle Steamer design inspiration

The Monarch Paddel Steamer

Paddle boats and ships hold a fascination for me.  Here in Bristol where I live the paddle ship Waverley can sometimes be seen docked in the Floating Harbour.  A unique vessel with a long history, the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world, it is a popular tourist attraction and runs excursions.

Paddle Steamer
Paddle Steamer

There are still a few paddle ships to be found on inland waters, the Monarch is one (see photo above).

My first attempt at making a paddle steamer in plywood proved a challenge.  I used a living hinge design to make the paddle covers but attaching these to the boat’s hull was tricky.  In general I design models so that glue is an optional extra rather than essential but in the case of the paddle ships glue must be used.  I supply PVA glue with the kits but a contact glue could be used.

My model paddle steamer isn’t based on any particular ship but the Waverley colours would work well – use acrylic artist’s paints for the best results.  These are widely available and often found in £ pound shops.

You can see my Paddle Steamer kit in more detail and order here:

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