Paddle ship design inspiration

Mississippi Paddle Steamer Boat

I started work on a paddle ship in 2019 when my friend told me her mother had been a great lover of paddle ships.  My first attempt was a paddle steamer with side paddles.  The version here has a rear paddle rather than two side paddles, which proved easier to design, and I have omitted any funnels.

Paddle ship
Paddle ship

In order to add play interest, my models often feature bow or stern doors, not a thing often found in real ships other than ferries, and some specialist vessels.

Paddle ships were the original steamships and ships of many sizes were common in the 19th Century, but when it was realised that the screw propeller was far more efficient such vessels began to disappear and by the mid 20th C they were rare.

I would love to have a working example of a paddle ship, perhaps I’ll make one, one fine day.

Painted paddle ship model
Painted paddle ship model

You can see my Paddle Ship kit in more detail and order here:

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