Xylophone made from plywood

Eco, green, sustainable, are all buzz-words of the moment and for good reasons.  The press seems to to be full of horror stories about plastic although many toys are still made of the stuff, of course. Plywood has been around for over 4000 years – the ancient Egyptians used it – and there is a […]

Designing and cutting

Laser cutting is a great way to make things and the precision available constantly tempts the designer to make more complex innovations.  But complex is not necessarily the way to go, when the aims are great play value, simple clean lines and ease of assembly. Taking a trip down memory lane here is a picture […]

Water power and the watermill

Many of the designs at Miller Toys and Models are approximately based on old or even ancient ships, such as the Greek cargo Ship and the Chinese Junk (still in development).  And the mill designs, which we hope to present soon follow this idea. Water power in the form of a turned wheel and in […]

Laser cutting

Laser cutter

To old ears at Miller Toys and Models laser cutting still has the ring of science fiction, an echo of ray guns and such.  This might seem a little quaint to young people who have seen laser cutting machines at school and who have grown up with lasers of many types at supermarket scanners, compact […]