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*Due to Coronavirus restrictions some of the models may not be available, we will try to keep the shop/website updated to reflect this.

Plywood toys and model kits

Welcome to the homepage of Miller Toys & Models, producers of laser cut plywood model kits for children and adults from 3+ years old. All of our model kits come pre-cut but assembly is required.

Each kit is made from 3mm Birch plywood and we take care to avoid sharp points and edges. The laser-cutting process eliminates rough edges and splintering, making our products safe for younger children.

All of our models are designed and manufactured in Bristol and Devon, made in the UK.

Our model kits can be purchased directly from our website here, or from our national and international stockist

Child building model boat

Fun for the whole family

Our latest models

Arab Dhow Kit
Chinese Junk Kit
Paddle Ship Kit
Flying Boat Kit
Trawler Fishing Boat kit
Narrowboat Kit

All of our Kits are:

Renewable materials

Sustainable materials



Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly


Sustainable packaging

Plywood Toys & Model Kits

Our plywood model kits can be:

  1. A great introduction to model making
  2. Assembled and re-assembled time and time again
  3. May be painted (not supplied)
  4. Glued for a more permanent model (PVA glue included)
  5. Built with family or friends *some adult help may be needed
  6. Play and enjoy for hours on end
Child building model boat